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  • Professional Hand Knocking
  • At this time, we provide hand knocking only to customers who can drop and pick up their bat at the store
  • If you need knocking for a bat that you have purchased elsewhere, we will first need to check the condition of the bat



Professional Knocking Service + Oiling + Scuff sheet


Knocking the bat compresses the fibers of the willow that is present in it. This will ensure that the willow becomes stronger and denser, which will allow you to hit the ball properly. We knock the bat using a wooden mallet that is:

  • Made especially for knocking.
  • Made from high-quality wood that will speed up the process.
  • Durable so that you can hit as hard as you want. 

Therefore, knocking is essential as it not only provides a good stroke but also strengthens your bat. 

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