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SKY is the limit?

Have you ever used a personalized player's bat - a bat that is made by the manufacturer specifically for an international player and then for some reason he gives it back to sale in the market ? Well last year one LUCKY person was able to grab such a bat meant for none other than MS DHONI!!

And This Year we have a new sensation, - meant for the one and only SKY, THE Surya Kumar Yadav.

We are not sure, by the time you see this post, this one piece bat will still be there on our self. Try your luck fast :-)

Do not worry, if you miss it. We have quite a few more surprises for you which we will post here in next few days to weeks. Or you can see them first hand at our store ASAP.

Thank you Sareen Sports (#SS) for the trust you showed on us as your authorized partner in New England.

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