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Thanks CommunityAdvocate and Maureen Sullivan !

It was a pleasant surprise when a senior lady came to our store on our inaugural day on 6th November 2022 .She told us that she is a reporter with the paper @CommunityAdvocate and wanted to write about the growing popularity of Cricket in the local community. Considering the heavy rush during the inaugaration, she was kind enough to promise a return on a suitable day. She indeed came back couple of weeks later on a bright Saturday afternoon. Our store was still full of people and luckily this time some of the local team managers and captains were present there, evaluating the products.

She got a chance to talk to them first hand. She spent a good one and half hours in the store understanding the game of Cricket from a newbies perspective. We tried our best to answer her questions.

After couple of weeks, what came out was an amazing starter document for any one planning to start Cricket. This is specially heart warming, as we felt this may inspire local and neighboring American people as well to take up the game of Cricket beside baseball and others.

Here is the link to her post. Do let us know what you think.

We will be really happy to connect with you.

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